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09 Nov, 2022

The Newsletter is an update of our monthly activities taking place in different countries through different projects.

JRS SAS Newsletter October 2022
15 Oct, 2022

Munira Mukhtary – the cooking teacher at JRS Tilak Nagar centre, Delhi, shared her bliss with JRS staff and had a brief conversation about the journey during the first Cooking Classes Batch completion.

Munira Mukhtary_JRS Cooking Trainer
16 Sep, 2022

Zawthing and Tin May-Si, Chin refugee in India

18 Aug, 2022

She hopes that people are kinder to refugee communities around the world and wishes JRS continue its JWL program courses and similar interventions for the betterment of refugees.

JRS South Asia Story
02 Feb, 2022

“Let us open our hearts to refugees, let us learn from their courageous resilience.” Pope Francis said to the public gathered in St. Peter’s Square on June 20th, 2021, where he spoke in solidarity and prayer for the thousands of people in Myanmar experiencing violence and displacement.

13 Jan, 2022

Elizabeth and the other children had a wonderful time playing together and eating together. Though some kids continued playing after food, she started tidying the place and made sure no trash was left uncleaned making her playground clean and tidy.

14 Dec, 2021

n this poem, a young refugee shares the joys of her past, the sorrows of her present, and the uncertainty of her future – a testimony of the suffering and resilience of all the women of Afghanistan.

14 Sep, 2021

The Jesuit Refugee Service continues to stand in solidarity with the Afghan people as they face emergency and suffering in their country.