Caring for our common home

13 January 2022

Elizabeth receiving special prize during the sports event

Elizabeth Sinaing is studying in 2nd standard. She belongs to the Chin refugee community and lives with her mother and 2 siblings. Elizabeth enjoys going to school and learning. Because of the lockdown children, her age is still continuing their classes online and she finds it difficult to concentrate in online classes. From August 2021, JRS initiated complementary education classes for students like Elizabeth. She is very active in the JRS Complementary Education programs and the classes have helped her in coping better in her school and have brought back her interest in learning. Elizabeth not only enjoys studying but also loves helping her mom at home. During her free time, she helps her mom and siblings clean the house, and water the plants. Elizabeth dreams of becoming a Police Inspector and she believes that by becoming a police officer she can help change the world and make it a better place for children and families to live in peace.

During the International Peace Day sports meet, organized by the JRS Peace Club at the nearby park. Elizabeth and the other children had a wonderful time playing together and eating together. Though some kids continued playing after food, she started tidying the place and made sure no trash was left uncleaned making her playground clean and tidy. Unaware that people were watching her, she was given a special prize for being an inspiration to many children and staff during that day. Her eyes were filled with joy, the act of being acknowledged for her good deeds made her want to do more.