A Space of Encouragement

18 September 2020

JRS students engaged in doing their home works at the Complementary Education Center in one of the refugee camps in Tamil Nadu.

I am Shofia Vaz residing at Paiyur Camp. Our camp shelters 70 families under a one-roof shelter in a choked space.

Despite all the adversities that kept leaping in an overcrowded camp, I managed to study hard and scored 95 percent in my Class X examination. I cannot take all the credit for the success,  as many people supported and contributed towards it. My parents, the Principal of my school, JRS CEC teachers, and JRS Education Coordinator have been the source of my encouragement during my journey. They facilitated my learning by enabling a peaceful environment or bringing a positive routine to my life. My academic performance would not have have been possible without the support of JRS Special Coaching Classes (CEC). Against the backdrop of the type of my residence in the camp, the JRS Complementary Education Centre has been a boon for me since 10 years. It has provided me a safe and conducive space to facilitate my academic learning. The training I received at CEC, enabled me to excel in extracurricular activities in my school and gain an appreciation from my teachers and peers.  The accompaniment and efforts of the JRS teachers has enabled me to score well in my examination. I feel motivated and shall continue to pursue higher education to gain competency and become self-reliant in view of supporting my community members.

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